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QUINTESSENTIAL STYLE: Cultivate and Communicate Your Signature Look Janna Beatty with Sharon White Wheatmark Press

EMSI Public Relations (, an industry leader in the promotion of books, is looking forward to providing the prize of a comprehensive national print publicity campaign valued at $6,000.00. This campaign will include the following:

We will write two feature story articles that will focus on the message of your book. The articles will be written in the same journalistic style of newspapers and magazines and will include numerous quotes from you, positioning you as an expert. Mention of the release of your book will be included as part of the newsworthiness of the articles.

  • We will distribute your articles to our contacts at major daily newspapers, national and regional magazines, blogs and trade publications (if appropriate).

  • We will reach out to book reviewers and book bloggers and will send review copies of your book to those who request a copy.

  • We will arrange interviews with journalists requesting to speak with you before doing a story on your topic.

  • You’ll be added to our clipping service and will be provided with copies or links of the newspaper and magazine coverage we receive.

  • This national print campaign comes with a guarantee of print media placements in legitimate press outlets - offline and online - that possess a combined 2 million potential readers in online visitors and/or circulations.

$7,500.00 Value

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