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Parenting for the Digital Age Bill Ratner


  • The 18 hour Radio Publicity Masters Course. The most powerful tool in my radio publicity arsenal. You (or your intern/employee) get to listen in to the actual phone calls and conversations I had with producers as I booked a total of 77 interviews in just 25 days. No theory, no hypothetical guesses. 18 hours of REAL phone calls and REAL results. There is no other tool like this in existence. Train yourself... or train your intern/employee and have them call and book you on shows for a fraction of what you'd pay a PR Firm.

  • The most comprehensive database of top radio shows ever compiled... 1,364 shows on the top 306 stations in America, sorted into 21 categories. Descriptions, hosts, producers, contact info & exact audience numbers for all shows.

  • My instantly accessible, comprehensive, easy-to-read, 177 page "Radio Publicity Manual" E-book

And the Following FREE Bonuses

  • My complete collection of "Fill-In-The-Blank Show Pitch Formulas"... The Key to creating a great show pitch.

  • A 30 minute phone consultation with me. Ask me anything you want. Get specific insights for your campaign.

  • An actual physical copy of my own press kit... perhaps the most successful kit ever. Use it as a model to create your own attention grabbing press kit.

  • A 60 minute audio of my live radio interviews. Hear me in action and learn how I handle callers. Follow my compelling closes that send people scrambling to order... so you can do the same

  • A free database update ... I do these every 6 months to keep your names and data accurate and up to date

  • The List of the Top 20 Radio Show Topics ... tells you what's hot and what's not so you can target your pitch to the hottest topics.

  • The Radio Demographic Profile ... tells you who listens to what formats so you can target your message to the perfect audience.

$997 Value

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