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Neill McKee

Author, Film and Media Maker




Full Bio...

Neill McKee holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary and a master’s degree in communication from Florida State University. He worked internationally for 45 years, becoming an expert in the field of communication for social change.

He directed and produced a number of award-winning documentary films/videos, popular multimedia initiatives, and has written numerous articles and three books in the field of development communication.

During his international career, McKee was employed by Canadian University Service Overseas (now Cuso International); Canada’s International Development Research Centre; UNICEF in Asia and Africa; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland; the Academy for Educational Development and FHI 360, Washington, D.C. He worked and lived in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, and Russia for a total of 18 years and traveled to over 80 countries on short-term assignments.

In 2015, he settled in New Mexico, where he uses his varied experiences, memories, and imagination in creative writing.

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