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Michael R. Miller





Full Bio...

Michael grew up in the grey, wet and wild west coast of Scotland.

He began writing his debut book, The Reborn King, when he was 10. Old paper copies of terrible opening chapters may still be found in a drawer back home. Thankfully those early drafts never saw the light of day. In 2015 he renewed his writing efforts and released The Reborn King in November of that year.

Since then he has sold over 250,000 books, hit numerous Amazon bestselling charts, including the top 100 of ALL books on and A scene from his first book was included in the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts Exam Anthology for Performance in 2019.

He has worked at Bloomsbury Publishing and co-founded the digital publisher Portal Books. He’s also spoken on BBC Radio Scotland on Self-Publishing.

His new award-winning series, Songs of Chaos, begins a new type of dragon rider epic fans of Eragon, How to Train Your Dragon, and Pern are sure to love.

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