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Janelle Molony

Author & Historian




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Janelle Molony, Masters of Science in Leadership (Grand Canyon Univ.). Molony emphasizes the importance of using family histories as valuable source material for research work, developing and displaying museum collections, and as the basis of creative or fictional writing. Her in-depth research and connections to family historians and genealogists around the nation have allowed her to create masterpieces that are considered "breakthroughs in literary scholarship" (Western Assoc. of Women Historians) that have "challenged standard historical narratives" (KLM Wyo. Historian). Her latest work, Emigrant Tales of the Platte River Raids, has confronted pre-existing notions about Union Army and Plains Indian relations, exonerated and redeemed tribal leaders, and emphasized the potential for good and bad in everyone. Let's talk history... Family History.

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