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George Hayward

Award-winning author and veteran




Full Bio...

IBA* Award-winning author George Hayward grew up in the shadow of Boston and lived in six states before settling for good in Colorado. A U.S. Air Force veteran, he was recognized as one of the service’s top journalists in the 1990s. Among his two dozen military journalism awards, he won the Department of Defense’s Thomas Jefferson Award for editorials and commentaries in 1991 and was the Air Force’s journalist of the year in 1993. He left the service in 1999 and has worked primarily in public relations since, including media relations for NASA, corporate gigs in Los Angeles and Hawaii, and four rewarding years at a nonprofit serving veterans. Today, when not writing, he focuses his p.r. work on public service—local government and nonprofits. His books SOUL AFFLICTED and THE PARTY DOLLS are vastly different works—a fiction novel of spiritual self-discovery bordering on the paranormal, and the award-winning*, true-history account of a tortured and tragic escape from a Hanoi prison. Yet both delve into the conscience and consequences of personal choices, of right and wrong, and the gray areas in between.

* 2021 Best Indie Book Award for Nonfiction Military History.

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