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Curt P. Martin

Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Consutlant




Full Bio...

Curt Martin is a Christian author, speaker, seminar leader, and organization consultant. His kingdom mission is to help individuals and organizations thrive as the unique masterpieces God designed. He has forty-five years of experience in leading business organizations, successful business consulting, and participating in ministries at board and volunteer levels. He serves as a pre-marriage mentor and a facilitator of both marriage development and "Whose Life" development groups. Curt enjoys investing in meaningful relationships. He has been blessed to work with many ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and with individuals seeking to rebuild lives as they recover from incarceration, addictions, and mental health challenges. He believes the greatest opportunity is found through learning to walk our unique and incredible masterpiece journeys with Christ's Spirit. In this way, we truly experience all the life God designed. He and his wife reside in Lancaster, PA, after having lived in many areas across the eastern United States.

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