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Cindie Schooner-Ball

Award-winning author




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Cindie Schooner-Ball is an award-winning author who began her career as a first responder with the fire service in the mid-80s. She recognized early on that to succeed as both a firefighter and a woman in a mostly male workplace would require perseverance, grit, and the ability to command respect. Over her three-decade career, she pushed herself to tackle new challenges and rise into leadership positions.

In this captivating memoir, she vividly describes these high-adrenaline experiences and the stunned look on onlookers’ faces when she got off the truck, put on her hood, face mask, and helmet, and they realized she was a woman. Throughout her career, she had been asked so many questions about how she managed to excel while working in this male-dominated profession that she decided to write Sister in a Brotherhood to share her story.

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