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MaryEllen Weber

Author and Spiritual Director




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MaryEllen Weber has sought God throughout her life. As a child, she experienced Divine Presence in nature and cozy spaces. This longing eventually led her to earn an MA in Transforming Spirituality from Seattle University. She is a passionate spiritual mentor who knows we can never be separated from Divine Presence, only asleep to it. As a spiritual director, she accompanies people with their inner work of transformation. In her beautifully illustrated and award-winning book Finding God in All I See, Finding God in You and Me a wise, old willow tree encourages children to find Divine Presence in nature, in others and especially in themselves.

MaryEllen believes the story we often teach our children about God is too small. Just as our understanding of the Universe has expanded, we need a larger story about God and our relationship with the Divine. She wonders, what if we taught our children that each of them is a unique expression of God in the world and that they honor God by becoming themselves? MaryEllen is joining her voice with Grandmother Willow's to teach children that God is everywhere and indeed everything is in God.

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