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casey cui (a.k.a., Maritza Roño Refuerzo)

Groovy Girl




Full Bio...

i.b. casey cui is a Cal Berkeley alumna and current pickleball student at her local recreation center. She received her MFA at Mills College, where she studied fiction writing and English literature, as well as enjoyed magazine and newspaper feature writing classes under the tutelage of a senior editor at Mother Jones.

Ms. Cui is a former copy editor for tech-media companies GameSpot, Ziff Davis, CNet, and InfoWorld. She co-heads a foundation whose mission is to advocate programs that promote the well-being of dogs and provide children with language and arts enrichment.

casey cui is a 27-year colon cancer cancer survivor. Partial proceeds of Groovy Girl will support four nonprofits she's closely connected with, one of which is Strides for Life Colon Cancer Foundation.

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