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Bill Blokker, Ed.D.

Author, Performance Consultant , Speaker




Full Bio...

Bill Blokker, Ed.D., has authored an international best-selling and award-winning book, Achieve Beyond Expectations: Master the 5 Intangibles to Make the Impossible, POSSIBLE! Bill’s inspirational book describes the foundational principals that separate the extraordinary from the ordinary and provides a blueprint to transform your life.

Blokker is an example of achieving beyond expectations. He practices what he preaches. For over 30 years, he has been a successful business owner, change agent, leadership/performance consultant and speaker. Whether speaking or consulting, Bill inspires and informs by combining human performance research and practical experience.

Dr. Blokker founded and developed a highly successful educational consulting company to transform failing schools into high achieving schools. He trained his company’s 75 consultants in a comprehensive leadership and change process. Over fifteen years, Blokker and his team transformed over 2000 failing schools in 19 states.

Bill knows first-hand what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Whether he’s coaching individuals or organizations, Dr. Blokker skillfully identifies the intangibles that paralyze performance and productivity. He then develops your capacity to command those intangibles so you are able to achieve beyond expectations.

Bill is a passionate and informative speaker. His years of experience as a high-performance coach provides him with an unwavering belief that the impossible is possible! He will share insights about how people and organizations overcame crushing circumstances to achieve extraordinary results.

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