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Who doesn't need a list of tips?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Here's a nice list of 50 things you can do to help promote your book we found at Author Unlimited. HOWEVER, they did not include entering a contest. We find it obvious that this is a great way to promote your book so we added it as number "0".


0. Enter our contest:

  1. Tweet about it.

  2. Make a book trailer.

  3. Ask your readers to send in images of them with your book and then pin them on Pinterest. (people love the human connection)

  4. Comment on threads in Facebook groups or on other people's threads to build your reputation as an expert.

  5. Write a press release for PRWeb. It's a great way to get some backlinks to your site and maybe even some press interest.

  6. Do a presentation at a local meetup group. Don't 'sell', just give great information, and make sure to have some books to hand in case people ask.

  7. Do a kdp free promotion. They still work if you use them correctly.

  8. A Goodreads giveaway is one of my favourite ways to promote your book, generate some interest and also to get some reviews. The giveaways only work with print books although there are things you can do with your digital book. And it's good to know that the reviewers can be a little more harsh than on Amazon (so prepare yourself!), but it's well worth the effort.

  9. Create a post about your book on your Facebook business page. Pin it to the top.

  10. Post some free content or excerpts from your book on That’s great for exposure and you can also sell your book here if you’re looking for additional retail outlets.

  11. Give a talk at a local school (if it's appropriate content -- works well for children's fiction, history or other educational content).

  12. Make a series of how-to videos for YouTube related to your non-fiction book content.

  13. Send an email to your list. Give them a reason to buy a book—many authors run promotions such as offering a special webinar or teleseminar to customers, which they access by sending a receipt as confirmation of purchase. If you're not sure what to say, then get your creative juices flowing with these writing activities.

  14. Run a Facebook ad but make sure it's closely themed around time or an event -- maybe you have a Christmas recipe book and just before Christmas you run an ad targeted at foodie groups.

  15. Create a discussion on one of the discussion sites like quora or reddit (sites do come and go so always look for what’s most relevant for your audience). Ask questions, engage users, DON'T make it just a pitch for your book. If you are keyword savvy then use keywords in your post title and content so that it will show up on the search engines and give you ongoing promotional returns.

  16. Get more reviews! (more reviews will help your Amazon ranking).

  17. Create a URL forward that directs people to your Amazon page. Use this as your "main website" in your book and whenever you're talking about your books. (for example and forward this to your amazon page).

  18. Do as much guest posting as you can and refer to your book in the author box (or use that URL forwarding tip just above this one).

  19. Create a bunch of $0.99 books that are full of quality. Use these as tasters for your other books -- people will take a chance for 99c and if they like your content they'll be back.

  20. Get some fun, slightly silly, videos done on fiverr in the hope they might get shared and go viral.

  21. Put a link to your book in your email signature (and if you're a bestselling author, then make sure you say that).

  22. Don't enable the "Digital Rights Management" option in your kdp dashboard. Yes you might find your book being given away on free sites but more sharing = more people know about you.

  23. Start a podcast (or better yet, get on someone else's podcast).

  24. All those great reader images you asked for --- get people to post them on Facebook and tag you. It's a great way of letting their friends know about you.

  25. Create an Amazon associates account and add an image of your book and a link back to Amazon on your website (and as well as your royalties you might also get a few extra pennies from the associates programme!).

  26. Run a big charity fundraiser so that for every book sold on a certain day or a certain week you give all or part of the profits to a charity of your choice (or better yet, run a fundraiser and then send everyone who donates a free pdf of your book - you won't make money directly from this but it's all about promoting you and your book).

  27. Run a contest or a giveaway for your book from your website (platforms do come and go so do a search for the latest and most popular ones). There are lots of rules and regulations around contests depending on where you live but if you use an app they will help guide you through this. You can do this with print or digital versions of your book and remember just to double check with your distributor or your publisher that what you are doing is OK with them).

  28. Get your book translated into one of the widely spoken languages like Spanish or German to increase your sales reach.

  29. Put something inside your book that encourages people to sign up for your email list. You then have a list to promote your next book to! If you can't think of one then just create a list for people who want to get pre-publication copies to help you proof or review your content and to get you early reviews.

  30. Contribute advice and ideas to LinkedIn groups and make sure you have a section of your profile that talks about your book (and tells people where to buy it).

  31. Write an in-depth blog post on a topic related to or covered in your book, and then reference and link to your book in the post and at the end.

  32. Create a series of YouTube videos where the author sits reading small sections of the book. Put the URL in the description below the video. This is a good way of getting taster content out. Or do some readings and have someone video those. Or interview some readers. You’ll get no end of ideas this way.

  33. Start a Facebook group (or a Goodreads group) for your book or your topic. These are really valuable places to connect, get ideas and even get great content for your next book.

  34. Hire people from Fiverr to post information on your free days to the ever-growing list of sites that promote free books. This frees up your time to write more books.

  35. Get as many video testimonials as you can post these to your book's YouTube Channel again with URL links to where people can buy your book. You can also upload these videos to Facebook and to your amazon author central page.

  36. If you have a WordPress blog, use an ad plugin to rotate your book or books on your sidebar. You can use your own image or use the "Click Here to Look Inside" image that Amazon provides.

  37. Use discussion forums on your topic, or even places like yahoo answers, to get on front of people who want to know what you know. Make sure you have a link to your book in your signature. Some forums will let you do announcements so you can let the group know when you launch. And of not then use forums as a place to find beta-readers or early reviewers. Ask for volunteers to read your book and give you comments or reviews. Better than asking your friends and family.

  38. Run a Facebook event when you are having a free promotional day (or days) on kdp. Or set-up a launch event. Make sure you have enough critical mass to do this otherwise the event can look very empty. This might be a great thing to do for a second or subsequent book when you already have a reader base -- or a first book if you have a really strong marketing strategy and some support to get you out there and get you noticed.

  39. Add resources and extra goodies at the back of the book. Because this also increases the overall length of your book, the reader will see more than 10% content when they click the "look inside" feature which will help you sell more books because they can see how great your book is.

  40. If you have an email list then create an autoresponder sequence filled with stories based on a three-step-sequence... first one is 100% content, second has content, but also let's people understand the problem your book solves, the third one is a straight up promotion for your book.

  41. Do a book signing the traditional way -- arrange this with a local book store or a book festival or even an event -- maybe you have a food related book that would do well at a food festival? Or a children's book at a children's summer activity centre. Or a sport-related book at a sporting event? Think a little outside the box on this about where your potential readers might be and engage them with a free bonus offering like a sticker or a USB stick with some audio content on it. Sky's the limit on this one.

  42. Create an event on Goodreads -- you can invite people just like you would to a Facebook event. This is a great strategy to link with a virtual book signing, a virtual book tour, or a free promotional event.

  43. Do a short how-to on as many social media platforms as possible. Right now the impact platforms are popular (Pinterest etc) but platforms change, while quick how-to info will always be in fashion.

  44. Run a virtual book tour where you have a pre-arranged series of guest posts on book blogs or blogs in your topic area. Post once a day for a number of days -- why not be bold and aim for thirty days?! Just like a real book tour you want to build excitement, offer prizes or make the content build day by day so that your readers have a good reason to follow you around and to bring their friends along -- which of course grows your following and your readership. Whenever you're doing a guest post or asking other people to promote you, make sure you're generous with "what's in it for them" -- a win-win-win (you, your host and your readers) will work better for everyone.

  45. Create a community or a forum where your readers can connect, share ideas, and talk about your book. Social media platforms change but the need for community never goes away.

  46. Create short presentations and put them on SlideShare or whatever site is current.

  47. Run a webinar or a live video call (using your slides from SlideShare).

  48. And then upload the recording of your live video call to YouTube or your own website.

  49. Run an ebook signing -- yes a digital signature with some kind of authography app. This is a new and growing field so you might need to run a google search for the best one. Hold virtual events just like you'd hold physical events -- on a Google hangout, a webinar, a Facebook event. Have giveaways and prizes to keep people on the line and engaged and to make them want to spread news of your events.

  50. Take your book along to craft fairs, vendor fairs, wedding fairs -- anywhere that people who are interested in the same topic as you are writing on might hang out. And who knows what wider connections will come from that... maybe someone will contact you to speak, or to consult with them. Go with an open mind and see where it leads.

  51. Create a movement around your book. What's your story -- is it your personal story? Maybe you're battling depression? Or an illness? Or maybe you can be the voice of a group? Help bring together or get attention for people who may get ignored or marginalised in today's society. Or maybe you want to campaign for something? Healthier food in schools. Better regulation of pesticides. Make the book more than just a book and use all the methods we've talked about to get the word out.

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