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Marva Bailer

Fearless Female Tech Leader/ Future of Work




Full Bio...

Recognized at 2023 Game Changer from Scarlett Abott, Marva Bailer is an innovator, a storyteller, a connector, and a fearless female tech leader who is never afraid to disrupt the status quo. As a purpose-driven executive with 20 years of leading billion-dollar teams for global businesses, she embodies servant leadership and a growth mindset through mentorship, experimentation, and the intersection of purpose and passion. As a breast cancer survivor, mom, and successful tech executive, Marva uses her personal and career experiences to inspire and educate others.
She is a media guest for topics on AI, Technology, and Future of Work. Featured NBC Bay Area, KLTV Texas, NewsNation.
She is an executive at a global Generative AI company disrupting the Procurement and Sourcing area. She is an energetic, relatable, collaborative panel member or keynote speaker. Often known as the " Fun Aunt."

In Marva’s best-selling book, Be Unexpected, she encourages curiosity, courage, confidence, and a spirit for leaders to collaborate with others in a positive environment that creates mutual trust, higher engagement, innovation, and deeper relationships. As a curious, inclusive leader, she authors a creative collection of relevant, real-world-tested strategies for communication to bring positivity to the workplace–whether it be for a seasoned leader or a developing manager.

Marva holds degrees from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. She is a board member of non-profit Women in Technology and an advisory board member for AI Cybersecurity tech startup. She is regularly called upon to speak worldwide, offering contemporary, real-world perspectives and insights as a female tech leader and purpose-driven executive. Marva was recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia as “Leader of the Year for Large Enterprise” and was a finalist for “Women of the Year.”

A Gen-Xer, Marva was a latch-key kid raised by a single mother. And as a kid of divorced parents, Marva describes herself as a “red-headed stepchild,”–literally and figuratively. An Old Bay lover originally from Maryland, she loves her seafood steamed. Marva resides in Charleston, SC, and Atlanta, GA, her husband of 31 years. She is a hype mom to her two adult children, and a royal fur baby Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles.

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