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INDIE EXCELLENCE® Kudos from 2014 Winners and Finalists

Dear Ellen,

What a wonderful resource NIEA is for writers! I just spent a good amount of time perusing your website, and wanted to make a connection since I plan on submitting for next year's award. My book is set to pub this July. It's a pre-teen novel that has had many years of ups and downs with agents, editors and publishers. It's time to self-publish! Thanks for the inspiration.

Regards, Lisa Safran

The Indie Excellence Award for Lavender (New-Age Fiction) is a major bright spot in my life and again, I thank you.

Warm wishes,


Oh Wow!

I am doing the happy dance and can't stop giggling! Thank you for the praise in declaring "LEGACY (The Biodome Chronicles #1)" a finalist in the science fiction category. My heartfelt congratulations to the winner and to my fellow finalists. I am honored to be in their company! Thank you! Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Jesikah Sundin,
author The Biodome Chronicles

Hello Ellen,

Thank you so much for your e-mail announcing that my book Devorahrella won in the Children's Religion category for the 2014 Indie Excellence Awards. It was announced at my school today and my colleagues and fellow teachers were very happy for me. As an educator in elementary education, I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of reading and I am truly honored that your organization has bestowed this award on my first storybook

All the very best,


I cannot tell you how honored I am, and how happy I felt when my 11 year old son just high fived and hugged me, when I received the news officially from The National Indie Excellence® Awards for winning Best Fantasy for The Silver Sphere. Thank you so much for the time, effort and consideration. You are awesome!




On behalf of all contributors to Olé: Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century I would like to thank the National Indie Excellence Awards for recognizing our book with First Prize in the Anthologies category. Seventy people—writers, artists and photographers—worked to make our book a success. We are especially delighted to receive the award because of the endorsement of the prize by the late Barnaby Conrad. Barnaby was among the most prolific and respected writers of books about bullfighting in the latter half of the 20th Century. I’m sure many of our contributors maintain extensive libraries of Barnaby’s books in their home libraries. He has served as an inspiration to many of us, and to have our book attain an award respected and endorsed by Barnaby is an honor we will richly cherish.

Hal Marcovitz, editor, Olé: Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century.

Wow! I have to tell you that I am pumped! First I got the email notifying me that my first book "Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors: Inside One of the Most Highly Decorated Battalions of Vietnam" was the winner in the Military Non-Fiction category. Then I got a second one notifying me the book was also a "Finalist". So I had to go through the website to see what that meant and I was extremely pleased to find out...then my wife and I had to wait for the computer glitch to be worked out before we discovered the Finalist was in the Action-Adventure category. (We live in the Central Time Zone, so we had a bit of a wait, like the Oscars) Just like a great book...hit them with some stunning news, then draw out the suspense on more to come and finally the crescendo and Finale. Well done! Thank you very much for the awards, they will certainly help establish my writing credits and marketability!

Bob Sholly

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for this award! It is quite an honor and I am very proud to have been chosen as a winner in the category of Children's Religion for the 2014 Indie Excellence Awards. As a school teacher, my students, colleagues and principals are quite proud that one of their teachers who wrote her first storybook was so successful. It is a privilege to be listed as one of the winners on your website. Thank you again for this recognition.

All the best,

Sincerely and with great appreciation, Reena

Reena Schultz
Instructional Specialist K-5
Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston

Dear Ellen, Katy, and Dawn-

My son and I are very excited as we have received our first award. However, this is not the big news. We have been contacted by a Hollywood producer and he has our novel in hand, in order to review its potential as a screenplay!

Depleting Ore A Minecraft Novel

Jason Hewitt and Victoria Hewitt

Hewitt Authors

Dear Ellen,

I am very pleased that my book is a finalist in its category in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Book Awards. What a great reward and recognition for an indie author like me. It gives me more motivation now to improve and enhance my other written work projects and aim for the winning place in the years to come. Thanks for the opportunity! It's a terrific competition venue.

Kind regards,

Ramon Loyola

Bread and Butter Publishing is proud to announce that Kitchen Club Kids® End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad has won a NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE® AWARD in the Children’s Picture Book – Preschool category.

We thank you Ellen. We are happy to be recognized by the NIEA as a standout, independent, new book series. It is an accolade like this that really lets us know we’re moving in the right direction.

Ok, really, we tied in the category. But, we tied for 1st Place! So, that’s a win in our book (for our book)! We tied with another great looking picture book that we think preschoolers would love - Arlo Goes to the Farmers Market by Karisa Lowe. Maybe Arlo should check out Kitchen Club Kids Garden Safari Vegetable Soup before he plans his next trip.

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for selecting "Night of the Chupacabra" for 2014's Best Horror. Because of the honor you have bestowed, my Facebook page and Twitter accounts have been visited and shared like never before. I am so happy that I decided to enter your amazing competition.

Michael Hebler


After learning my novel, Dagger in the Cup, was a winner in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards in the faction category, I was thrilled beyond compare. All my hard work had received this wonderful award. It has taken me a couple days to come back down to earth, but now that I am I want to thank you and your staff and all those who make these prestigious awards happen. What you do inspires authors to write and to write better.

Best wishes.
JB Hamilton Queen


Thank you for this acknowledgement and award. We are very excited to participate and be a part of this prestigious and talented group. We’re having fun sharing the news.

All the best, BAM / Beverly Ann Moore and Jerod Dame




So proud of my niece Sara DiVello for winning the National Indie Excellence Book Awards for best memoir for her book "Where in the Om Am I?". Go Sara!!! I love you, dearly and of course highly recommend your book to anyone and everyone!

So grateful that my book, "Julian's Gospel: Illuminating the Life & Revelations of Julian of Norwich" (Orbis Books, 2013) has tied for Winner in the category of Religion/Non-fiction. Julian was the first woman ever to write a book in the English language (under threat of excommunication or death) and is widely acknowledged as the first English theologian. She has waited over 600 years to receive such recognition as this for her extraordinary Revelations of Divine Love. Many thanks to all the NIEA judges who honored "Julian's Gospel."

Veronica Mary Rolf, author

WOW! HONORED and thrilled to announce that my book, "Believe in Yourself ~ Inspire Others ~ Spread Joy" is a finalist in the National Indie Excellence® Book Awards in the Inspiration category!

Beaming!!!! Grateful.

Amy Wise

Hello and thank you for recognizing my book, Retsbol Rises, as a winner and a finalist. I will be ordering stickers and I am so thrilled to be included among the other winners. I am in the process of turning my book into a screenplay and hope that this distinction will be helpful as I try to market both the book and the screenplay together.

Thank you again for your support!
Take care,
Jayne Rowe Jones, Author - Retsbol Rises: An Abenaki Lobster Tale.

Although I have been a writer for many years, Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living is my first book. Seeing takes time. It took time for me to be to able render my experience in a way that would allow readers to see my story as their story, because loss, after all, is universal, however broadly it is defined. I'm ecstatic and deeply honored to have won a 2014 National Indie Excellence Award. Thank you so much for the extraordinary recognition. To life!

Nancy Sharp

Dear Ms. Reid,

Thank you so much for this wonderful news! It is an absolute honor! I feel very so grateful for the chance to have written my book, but getting the word out feels like running through wet cement - so this such a boost. Thank you for your hosting the awards and for promoting strong standards in indie publishing.

My best wishes, Alicia Young


Just WOW! It has now been a couple of days since the email came in that our little cookbook, The Legacy Garden, Recipes and Recollections, won the award for Best Regional Cookbook and was also named as a finalist for Best Cookbook. Mother and I are both humbled to be included in this years winners. What started out as something to preserve our family recipes turned into a two year labor of love and a walk down memory lane. Thanks for adding the icing to the cake, pun intended.

Scott Wilson and Jean W. Butts

Dear Ellen,

Am still breathing in the heavenly news of my Indie Excellence Award. You and your team have provided a vitally important resource for independent publishers. The encouragement alone gives us all hope to continue our pursuits. The message driving LAVENDER had to be out in the world and you dear Ellen, have made that happen.

Hemingway said, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed." I know this to be so.

After two decades of tenacity laced with fear in a daunting struggle to convey the message for our Mother Earth, your news this morning of my New Age Fiction award is nothing short of surreal! Overwhelming gratitude to you Ellen and the whole team at Indie Excellence Awards for honoring the value of our dreams and taking seriously what may be the most life-changing message of our time.

Thank you from my heart and the spirits of the mentors for your amazing and dedicated work.

Enduring thanks,

Judy LAVENDER ~ An Entwined Adventure in Science & Spirit- New Age - Fiction

Hola Ellen,

Travel has always been my best friend. I live it. Dream it. Write about it. And now while here in San Miguel, Mexico I receive a notice that two of my books have received awards. I have always believed that perseverance and determination equal luck. So my hard work is giving back these incredible awards as a way to help me say to potential buyers, “Hello new friend. Yes I am a worthwhile read!”

All the hard work that goes into putting a contest together may seem overwhelming to all you wonderful folks who spend hours and hours hard at work. Please believe that we the writers owe you basketfuls of thank yous and more. Pat yourself on the shoulder. For you gave me something that I will proudly share with the world.

Best regards,
Jackie Chase
1st place winner for Giraffe-Neck Girl
Finalist winner for 100 People to Meet Before You Die   blog

Hola Ellen,

A pleasure to make your acquaintance via email through Judy. By all means feel free to post the Higher Journeys newsletter or the featured news section with Judy on your FB page. I as well just put a link on my FB page if you’d simply like to share that post. In the newsletter there’s also a link to the radio interview I did with Judy which might be a nice compliment to the news of her wonderful award.

Cheers and all best,

Dear Ellen,

On behalf of everyone here at Enter Talking Client Relations, we are thrilled beyond words about the two National Indie Excellence Awards that “Enter Miss Thang” has won. I am truly honored and very proud to be in such fine company with all of the 2014 winners and finalists. What a unique industry family indeed!

I also want to extend a special thank you to the judging panel, and to you and Dawn for your continued support of independent authors and publishers worldwide.

Have a great summer!

All the best,
Brian Edwards

Dear Ellen,

I'm honored and humbled to have both of my books in the ongoing Ravens series selected as winners in this prestigious competition. In awarding The Kindness of Ravens as your winner in the Literary Fiction category, and its sequel Little Ravens as your winner in the New Fiction category, it has opened up doors for me that indie writers strive to reach every day. I've been approached to adapt The Kindness of Ravens into screenplay form by a number of agencies in Los Angeles. Thanks so much to Ellen and the judges of the National Indie Excellence Book Awards for recognizing my works!

Frank Bardessonos


I want to thank everyone at NIEA for selecting my debut work, A Silent Tide, as the 2014 Winner for best legal thriller. I am humbled and honored by this recognition. As a new author, peer recognition is hard to beat in the motivation department and, as I begin to pen the sequel, I will look back at this moment as a great incentive during the long writing days that I know will come. Thanks again and have a great day.

William E. Johnson, Esq.


Again, I want to thank you for your quick and helpful responses to my emails as well as your patience with my particular needs involving the electronic "sticker" for my book. What a pleasure working with you -- to say nothing of the pride I have felt at winning a prize in your contest with Finding Grace. Your website, with the list of your winning and finalist books is like a library I would like to wrap myself in -- for a couple of years. Unfortunately, I have another book that is bursting to be written...

Anne Davidson

Katrina and I were getting ready to go to one of our son’s soccer games when she checked her email one last time and noticed a recent arrival to the in box from the National Indie Excellence Awards. I was throwing on a t-shirt in the bedroom when she yelled something about “you won it” from the other end of the house and thus commenced the celebration. Grabbing a brew out of the fridge, I tossed Kat the truck keys, said “you’re driving” and off we went to one more soccer game. But this time, the truck ride chit-chat had a bit more energy. Like most good things in life, writing (I prefer to say ‘producing’) A Silent Tide was and still is, a group effort. Although a self-published work, AST bears the fingerprints of many – wife, family, editors, my beloved tribe of manuscript reviewers, photographers, cover designers, grammer geeks, drug cops, lawyers, judges, court clerks, watermen, and the good folks of Mathews, Virginia.

To all of them, and to all the fans of A Silent Tide, I dedicate this award.

William E. Johnson

I was absolutely staggered to receive the news that my first novel "Never Isn't Long Enough" won the 2014 National Indie Excellence Award for Regional fiction. Never Isn't Long Enough to say how much I truly appreciate and value this outstanding honor.

I am a total novice at writing and have never had a writing class of any sort. My writing has been limited to thank you notes and Christmas letters!!!!! It is particularly meaningful to know that the age of 74 I still have something to offer the world. This is truly a treasured moment for me and will continue to be throughout my life span. Thank you so very much . It has inspired me to consider writing another book!

Sincerely and gratefully, F.Diane Pickett

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