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INDIE EXCELLENCE® Comments from 2010 Winners and Finalists

The enthusiasm friends have demonstrated for Yard Sale has been a lovely thing, but being named as a Finalist in the Indie Excellence® Awards provided the critical external validation that was missing. I approach my desk each morning with new confidence thanks to you!    

Luan Mendel

Dear Ellen,

It is an honor to be the recipient of the first place award in the Children’s Fiction Category of the National Indie Excellence® Award Competition. It is gratifying when my first attempt at writing is so successful. Thank you for your support of writers and independent publishers.

Sincerely, Mary Ann DeSalva
Percy’s Special Gift

Dear Ellen,

The poetry book is my first book-my nomination as a finalist in your awards is a true gift. I am very grateful.


Looking for guidance in business leadership?

You may want to check out Minnesotan Jeff Appelquist's new book, "Sacred Ground: Leadership Lessons from Gettysburg and the Little Bighorn.

"The book also earned a 2010 National Indie Excellence Award, and Appelquist is now in-demand as both a public speaker and director of leadership seminars.

Ellen, thanks again, You  have really supported me a lot and your awards have helped to give my career a new direction.

Wicked Sunny

Thank you again for the opportunity to showcase my book and nurture my dream of a writing career.

Sincerely, Randy Andrews

Winner, Fantasy The Last Guardian of Magic by Randall Andrews

Dear Ms. Reid,

I want to thank you and tell you how honored I am for Daria Rose and The Day She Chose to have been chosen as a finalist in the 2010 National Indie Excellence® Awards. My daughter and I did the happy dance when we received your email!

Than you, Than you, Thank you

Yvonne Capitelli

Ellen, as a Finalist I am honored and humbled by this incredible award. Sharing in the awards with such an outstanding group of authors and independent book publishers has made this extraordinary journey especially meaningful. The selective process has to be difficult.

I appreciate the opportunity that you have provided to give a voice for those who have benefitted from selecting an independent publisher. As the author and artist, I had such inclusion in the entire editorial process with Beaver Pond Press.

Blessings to all of you..

Christine Renhard Stenstrom
Britika Fine Arta

Dear Ellen –

I want to thank you SO very much for the NIEA’s winning gift book award for The Dreamzappers!!! This is an incredible honor that I appreciate with all my heart.

With my marketing and PR background, I will do everything in my powers to promote the award and NIEA. In the very near future, once I work out the details of my publicity campaign and plan of marketing attack, I will be ordering stickers and more from your site. Meanwhile I wanted to let you know that I have received your notice and I sincerely thank you and NIEA for the outstanding commendation.

Best Regards –
Diane R. Wise

To Ellen and The Indie Excellence Awards Staff,

"Many, Many thanks to you for selecting my book of local, State of Florida, and national history "The Big Sand Dune and The Beach Lady" as a FINALIST in the Children's Non-Fiction category of the National Indie Excellence® Book Awards

"This is a great honor for which I am exceptionally proud, but deeply humble.  I have ordered my stickers and certificate.  This recognition will be placed on all websites in which I am affiliated."

Thanks again,

Annette Myers

"Thank-you Ellen, and everyone who had a hand in the National Indie Excellence® Awards. I am honored that Extra! Extra! The Orphan Trains and Newsboys of New York received an award of Excellence. I feel as if I have won an Emmy!

"The impression of independent and small presses endeavor to achieve superior quality possibly transpires because excellence commands nothing less."

My Best,

Renee Wendinger

"What an honor! It is so exciting to hear my book “Beating Ovarian Cancer” received a “Finalist Award” in the category of Women’s Issues. I am filled with gratitude for the judges who made this possible. This prestigious award will enhance my ability to educate women about this disease and to help support those in the battle.

Thank you so much – all of you."

Chris Bledy
Beating Ovarian Cancer How To Overcome The Odds And Reclaim Your Life

"What a lovely way to start a new week! Thank you for letting us know about the award for A Land Beyond Ravens! We'll be ordering some stickers and the certificate later on, too. How very exciting! We will go spread the word!

"Thanks again."

Ann Gilpin
A Land Beyond Ravens!

Thanks Ellen!

"I'm thrilled to learn that my novel, Hook & Jill has placed as a finalist in your awards. My thanks for the honor you've paid to my story. "

Andrea Jones
Hook & Jill

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