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The judging is going on now and we expect to announce the Winners and Finalists for the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Awards by May 15, as promised. Thank you for all your wonderful books and your commitment to Excellence in Independent Publishing.

Submissions for the 10th Anniversary Indie Excellence Contest Soon!

Celebrating Self and Independent Publishing Excellence!

The National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA) was created to help establish self-publishing as a proud, legitimate, and strong facet of the publishing industry.

NIEA is proud to be a champion of self-publishers and small & independent presses that go the extra mile to produce books of excellence in every aspect.

The National Indie Excellence® Awards is open to all English language books available for sale, including small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, and self-published authors.

Entries are Welcome for the 2015 Contest!

Self-published books are getting better and better and our judges are working harder and harder.

You are the ones putting your hearts and souls on the line by getting your books into print. And that’s just the beginning. Marketing is a key and we know it can be a bear. An NIEA Winner or Finalist sticker on a book cover can help your book stand out.

Submissions for the 2015 National Indie Excellence® Awards are now open. See the Submit Your Book page for details. We look forward to receiving your books  and celebrating how far our industry has come.

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce that the National Indie Excellence® Awards Is Now Accepting Submissions for our 9th year; the 2015 Awards!

Following our most successful awards year yet, we are finding new ways to support you even better. NIEA celebrates overall excellence, including design and promotional text, so that discerning readers know an NIEA winner or finalist is something special. To enter, please send one copy of your book per category entered. Books with publication dates of 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 are eligible. Books may be submitted as long as they are in English and can be purchased in the United States .

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"A Commitment to Excellence"

A Word About Our Award Designations

There are no hard and fast rules about how a contest is to designate its winners. Different contests have different designations. We have structured our contest so that only one book per category may be designated “Winner.”

However, often there is more than one book in a category that truly stands out, and we believe these deserve recognition also. While it makes the job of our judges harder in some ways, we are dedicated to celebrating excellence in independently published books. So we created the category of “Finalist.”

Books that are recognized as Finalists are in every way outstanding. The difference between the Winner and Finalist books are often so minute that the call might have gone either way.

The bottom line is that being recognized as a Finalist is a high honor and something about which any author can and should be justifiably proud.

Readers recognize that Finalist books are worthy of their attention and their book-buying dollars.

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Kudo's from the 2014 Contest Winners & Finalists


On behalf of all contributors to Olé: Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century I would like to thank the National Indie Excellence Awards for recognizing our book with First Prize in the Anthologies category. Seventy people—writers, artists and photographers—worked to make our book a success. We are especially delighted to receive the award because of the endorsement of the prize by the late Barnaby Conrad. Barnaby was among the most prolific and respected writers of books about bullfighting in the latter half of the 20th Century. I’m sure many of our contributors maintain extensive libraries of Barnaby’s books in their home libraries. He has served as an inspiration to many of us, and to have our book attain an award respected and endorsed by Barnaby is an honor we will richly cherish.

— Hal Marcovitz, editor, Olé: Capturing the Passion of Bullfighters and Aficionados in the 21st Century.

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Praise from Alice Inoue

Dear Ellen and the Indie Excellence team,

"After the edit of my third book, my editor suggested that I might want to take look at entering my self-published book in your awards. The last thing on my mind was to enter an award competition, but it sounded like a good opportunity and I decided to submit my last two books. It was such a confirmation of my work when one of my books won, and the other was selected as a finalist in the body, mind, spirit category.

"Just like everyone else, I proudly affixed the stickers to the front of my book. This was in May of 2011. In September of 2011 I received an invitation from Lifetime Television to appear as a guest author/expert on their morning show, "The Balancing Act." It is a highly-rated morning show with hundreds of thousands of viewers reaching 220 markets across the US. They wanted me to share the concepts from my books with their viewers.

"When I asked how they found my book the producer said, "There are hundreds of thousands of books published each year, and we don't have time to screen all of them. We go straight to the award winners and start our screening process from there." So...I just wanted to say thank you as I credit you for creating this opportunity for me and for all others.

"I just finished my fourth book and will be submitting it for the next awards round. Thank you for all you do! I am most appreciative."

Alice Inoue
Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC

Self-Publishing Maturing, Up 17% Last Year in the U.S.

The number of ISBNs registered in 2013 rose nearly 17% from the previous year.

That growth comes not from ebooks, which actually dropped 1.6% during that period, but from print titles, which rose 29%.

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Hello Everyone,

2014 WINNERS & FINALISTS in Each Category:

  • will be listed on the official Web site of the IndieExcellence.com site.
  • will be included in a news release announcing the winners.
  • will have the right to highlight their award on their Web sites, book covers, book proposals, and marketing materials. Gold oval stickers and Winner & Finalist Certificates will be available for purchase.

Congratulations to Everyone who submitted
their books to the 2014 National Indie Excellence® Book Awards!

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Praise for NIEA

"Awards that recognize excellence support more than sales for the independent and self-publishing authors and small presses who win them; they make our entire industry look good. The National Indie Excellence® Awards® does us all a great service."

- Dan Poynter, author of The Self Publishing Manual and 100 other books

Honoring Excellence

We are very pleased to advise that the National Indie Excellence® Book Awards was nominated by our members to receive our Honoring Excellence award/seal, which recognizes consultants, businesses and organizations that offer exceptional products and services for independent authors. Congratulations!

Barnaby Conrad, author

"I think contests - and awards - are great, especially for writers. I only won one in my life - but it changed the course of my life. When I was 21 I won a creative writing contest at college. Wow! I was a writer and never looked back."

Barnaby Conrad is the author of over 35 books. A New York Times Best- Selling Author, his novel Matador sold over 3 million copies and was on the Best-Seller list for 53 weeks! Artist-author Barnaby Conrad was born in San Francisco, California. Barnaby Conrad passed on at age 90 and we are very honored to have his testimonial here about the contest.

Sylvia Cary has won three awards for The Therapist Writer -- the "Gold" in the 2013 Global Ebook Awards (for the digital version of the book); "Winner" in the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards, and "Finalist" in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA).

"There are so many perks to being 'the author of' a published book," she says. "It's the quickest way for a therapist or any other professional to be seen as an expert. It's instant credibility. It can help your career or business, help others, and you may even make money!"

- Sylvia Cary



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Praise from 2014 Winners and Finalists!

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